Client: VDOT, DRPT, and I-66 Mobility Partners

ATCS was tasked with and responsible for field crew coordination, scheduling, flight missions, and office processing of aerial and terrestrial video documentation of the entire project corridor. Documenting 22 miles of project corridor monthly, along with aerial 3D mapping and site analytics of numerous other locations has been received well and has been vital to the contract. Data sets collected have aided the project management team in documenting construction progress, public outreach, and most importantly, time sensitive data for litigation purposes when contractual obligations have not been met by the contractor(s). Constant coordination with entities such as FAA, TSA, NCRCC, Regional and International airports to safely operate within DC’s “Flight Restriction Zone” National Airspace System.  Imagery processed with Adobe Lightroom, Video processed with Adobe Premiere Pro. LiDAR, point cloud, and photogrammetric data processed with esri Site Scan for delivery to the client.