Client: Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)

In support of VDOT, ATCS noise staff conducted a noise analysis for the Interstate 95 Southbound Auxiliary Lane Project in Prince William County, Virginia. This project aims to provide an auxiliary lane to southbound I-95 between the on and off-ramp for Route 123 and Prince William Parkway. These improvements would alleviate pinch points and mitigate congestion to provide safer weaving movements between the Route 123 on-ramp and the Prince William Parkway off-ramp.

Utilizing FHWA’s Traffic Noise Model (TNM), ATCS noise staff predicted Existing (2019) and Design Year (2042) Build noise levels associated with the project. The widening impacted portions of an existing noise wall protecting a local community to accommodate the auxiliary lane. In areas where the noise wall was impacted, our experts worked directly with VDOT staff and project team engineers to move the noise barrier to an optimal location to provide the same level of benefit to the community. As a result, all acoustical benefits were maintained, and ultimately the project was successful.