Project Type: Residential

A complex in-fill development project, ATCS lead the planning, engineering design, and permitting for the Heppe Property located on Westphalia Road.

The approximately five-acre site was fraught with environmental challenges- steep topography, wetlands, fill, ponds, and unremediated soils. ATCS collaborated with environmental and geotechnical specialists to provide wetland delineation and soil remediation. The 37-townhouse design proposed by ATCS complied with R-T zoning standards and mitigated impacts to the environmentally sensitive areas in the Primary Management Area. Adjacent to the Parkside at Westphalia development, a goal of the Heppe Property design was to provide a more affordable housing alternative to other area options.

This was achieved using a smaller footprint product that maintained high architectural standards. Reduction of impervious area on-site and detailed conceptual grading and earthwork analysis to achieve a balanced site provided additional cost savings to facilitate the viability of the project proforma from the perspectives of development, marketing, and sales for the finished product.