Client: Stafford County, Virginia

This project involved the movement of over one million yards of earthwork. The soils located on this site were highly expansive clays and required very creative ways to prevent slope and compaction failures. Particularly challenging was the comprehensive stormwater management strategy and road crossing of a major floodplain. Detailed riverine studies were conducted to avoid impacts to adjacent properties. Stormwater management facilities were strategically located to avoid impacts to natural stream systems.

The project included the following:

  • Single-family detached homes
  • Major roadway improvements (U.S. Route 1)
  • Design of 14,000 linear-feet of new roadway
  • Recreation areas
  • Waterline and sanitary sewer extensions
  • Stormwater management facilities (with BMP)
  • Road crossings with major culverts
  • Floodplain alteration
  • Wetlands and stream delineation