Catastrophic Operations Plan and Training, and Typhoon Operations Plan – Guam

ATCS managed the creation of the Guam Catastrophic Typhoon Operations Plan (OPLAN) and All-Hazards Concept Plan (CONPLAN). The OPLAN was coordinated with the various Federal Emergency Support Functions, the Department of Defense, FEMA, Guam Emergency Support Functions, the Guam government, and the Guam Civil Defense. This plan demonstrated our ability to develop response and readiness plans. The OPLAN was presented to senior leadership on Guam as well as senior leadership in FEMA. The process that was used to develop the plan was FEMA’s Integrated Planning System. As part of the planning process our team organized workshops for each of the nine objectives that the senior leadership decided were the primary objectives. Each workshop developed courses of action for each objective. As these courses of action were identified, ATCS developed an execution matrix for each course of action. This execution matrix was designed to support senior leader’s decision making process during a catastrophic typhoon. Once the plan was complete, it was exercised as part of a one day tabletop exercise.