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ATCS Completes the Old Carolina Road Sidewalk Project in Prince William County

Discover how ATCS’ Transportation Design team delivered innovative solutions, met client needs, and improved community connectivity in the recently completed Old Carolina Road Sidewalk Project.

We’re pleased to announce the successful completion of the Old Carolina Road Sidewalk project for our client, Prince William County Department of Transportation. This project, undertaken from April 2020 to August 2023, showcases ATCS’s dedication to engineering transportation design excellence that enhances community connectivity.

Project Overview

The primary objective was to construct an asphalt sidewalk connecting the existing Old Carolina Road sidewalk to the Broad Run trail, located south of Haymarket, VA. However, several challenges, including steep slopes, an adjacent stream, and utilities, added complexity to the project.

Our Comprehensive Services

Our team, led by project manager Deri Harris, PE, transportation design lead at ATCS, provided a full spectrum of services to ensure this project’s success. These services included project management, surveying, sidewalk design, hydraulic design, geotechnical engineering, utility designation, utility coordination, environmental coordination, right-of-way services, and construction support.

Project Timeline

  • Design: April 2020 – December 2022
  • Construction: February 2023 – August 2023

Key Accomplishments

Notable achievements in meeting our client’s needs:

  1. Innovative Drainage Inlet Design: Our team engineered a cutting-edge drainage inlet system that reduced construction costs and minimized disruption to the adjacent stream. This design embodies our commitment to environmental preservation.
  2. Preserving the Floodplain: Protecting the existing floodplain was a top priority. Through meticulous planning, our design ensured that this crucial ecological feature remained untouched.

Overcoming Challenges

Here’s how we addressed the most pressing challenges:

  1. The Adjacent Stream: We created a new channel to divert the adjacent stream, reducing the need for extensive mitigation efforts while safeguarding the natural environment.
  2. Steep Slopes and Floodplain: Our solution involved cutting into the existing hillside to provide ADA-compliant slopes without impacting the floodplain, ensuring accessibility without compromising the environment.
  3. Existing Open Ditch Drainage System: We introduced innovative open-back drainage inlets that effectively managed the existing system, reducing costs and minimizing disruption.

We take pride in serving as trusted advisors to our clients, delivering successful projects, and providing innovative, cost-effective solutions that meet their needs while safeguarding vital ecosystems.

Your Project’s Success Begins with a Conversation

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