Thank You Summer Interns

A Day of Appreciation: Highlighting Our Interns on National Intern Day

Celebrating our outstanding 2023 interns on National Intern Day: Meet the talented individuals making waves at ATCS!

Happy National Intern Day! Today, we invite you to join us in celebrating and thanking our amazing 2023 interns. With their unique set of skills, passion, and energy, they have truly elevated our teams and internship program here at ATCS. We proudly take a moment to shine a spotlight on these exceptional individuals.

Thank you to our 2023 ATCS Interns

We want to express our sincere gratitude to our incredible 2023 interns. Your dedication, enthusiasm, and hard work have truly made a difference. You’ve impressed us with your fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. Your contributions have not only elevated our company but have also inspired us to continue to push boundaries. Thank you for being a valuable part of our journey. We wish you continued success in all your future endeavors.

Headshot of Aminah Shakir

Aminah Shakir

Marketing & Communications Intern

College: University of Mary Washington

Major: Marketing

Fun Fact: “I play collegiate softball at Mary Washington”

Why ATCS: “I chose ATCS because I thought it would give me great hands-on experience in the marketing field.”

Headshot of Arshia Abideen

Arshia Abideen

Accounting & Finance Intern

College: NOVA

Major: Accounting

Fun Fact: “I have a very unique background. I am from Pakistan, Trinidad, and Tobago”

Why ATCS: “Working for a company that uphold moral principles is crucial. I would be happy knowing I work for a company that not only thinks of their employees and company, but also their clients and community.”

Headshot of Micah Chang

Micah Chang

Accounting & Finance Intern

College: William & Mary

Major: Finance

Fun Fact: “I am left-hand dominant, but I play many sports right-handed”

Why ATCS: “I chose to intern at ATCS because I wanted to work in an environment that is supportive and would allow me to grow and develop skills and my understanding of what I want to pursue in the future.”

Headshot of James Perina

James Perina

Construction Management Intern

College: Virginia Tech

Major: Civil Engineering

Fun Fact: “I was on a cruise ship when it caught on fire”

Why ATCS: “I decided to intern with ATCS because of the welcoming environment and opportunities the company has to offer.”

Headshot of Maisha Mahjabin

Maisha Mahjabin

IT Intern

College: George Mason University

Major: Bioengineering

Fun Fact: “I love exploring foods from different countries”

Why ATCS: “I chose ATCS so I could learn and explore more as well as experience practical work.”

Headshot of Anna Saji

Anna Saji

Traffic Engineering Intern

College: Virginia Tech

Major: Transportation Infrastructure & Systems Engineering

Fun Fact: “I used to be the lead singer of my college band in India”

Why ATCS: “I believe that I will get an opportunity to contribute to the improvement of the built environment/places where people work, live, and play. I will also get an opportunity to collaborate with a team of experienced engineers and planners.”

Headshot of Elijah Poitras

Elijah Poitras

Construction Management Intern

College: Germana Community College

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Fun Fact: “I have been to all 50 US states”

Why ATCS: “I chose to come back to ATCS because I enjoyed the work environment and the opportunity to work on-site while gaining experience in those positions.”

Headshot of Nhat Pham

Nhat Pham

IT Intern

College: George Mason University

Major: IT with a concentration in Cybersecurity

Fun Fact: “I have been doing martial arts since pre-school”

Why ATCS: “I chose ATCS because it will give me that professional experience, both on the technical and business side.”

Headshot of Jonathan Guerro

Jonathan Guerro

Transportation Design Intern

College: George Mason University

Major: Civil & Infrastructure Engineering

Fun Fact: “I like to flip computers on eBay, e.g., buying them broken, fixing them up, & selling them for a profit”

Why ATCS: “I chose to intern at ATCS because of their prominence and reputation as an engineering consultant in my area.”

Headshot of Kunj Bhalani

Kunj Bhalani

Program Management & Project Controls Intern

College: Virginia Tech

Major: Construction Engineering & Management

Fun Fact: “I am a professional volleyball player, having competed in numerous national-level tournaments”

Why ACTS: “It will be a valuable experience for me both professionally and personally.”

Headshot of Taylor Young

Taylor Young

Civil Engineering Intern

College: Virginia Tech

Major: Civil Engineering

Fun Fact: “I play cocktail piano for the German club at Virginia Tech”

Why ATCS: “The four pillars of ATCS align with my professional goals and I can see them being implemented within the company culture.”

Headshot of Evan McMurray

Evan McMurray

Civil Engineering Intern

College: Elizabethtown College for Engineering

Major: Civil & Environmental Engineering

Fun Fact: “I recently finished building a sunken greenhouse in my backyard”

Why ACTS: “I chose to intern at ATCS due to their work environment, the range of experiences they offer in different areas of expertise, and the access to leadership their team provide.”

Headshot of Ari Harris-Kupfer

Ari Harris-Kupfer

Engineering Intern

College: Johns Hopkins University

Major: Civil & Systems Engineering

Fun Fact: “I love Maryland Blue Crabs”

Why ATCS: “I chose to intern with ATCS because I am interested in designing roadways and urban infrastructure.”

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