ATCS Announces the 2023 CEO Award Recipients

HERNDON, VA – ATCS is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2023 CEO Awards. The CEO Awards represent the highest level of recognition employees can receive at ATCS and are presented once a year at the annual holiday party. It is a tremendous honor to be nominated and selected to receive one of these four achievement awards. Read below to learn more about each of the CEO Awards.

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR – Janelle Shank

This award recognizes an employee who has been with ATCS for less than two years who has made a positive impact on the organization, its culture or performance, and who demonstrates the greatest potential to excel.

IMPACT AWARD – Bruce Barnett

This award recognizes an employee who has consistently made a significant impact in leading the company towards success through exceptional collaboration, innovation, and dedication to delivering excellence.

SAFETY AWARD – Alfred Opoku

This award recognizes an employee who has gone above and beyond to promote a culture of safety for their team, on a project, or for ATCS. This person’s primary role or assignment is field oriented. Examples of safety awareness can include preventing a safety hazard on a job site, responding to a safety hazard, or leading their team in safety initiatives on the job site.

HEART OF ATCS – Ken Schuenemeyer

This award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated the values and partnership that exemplify our four pillars. This person is a team player who always goes the extra mile for their colleagues, the client, the community, and the company, without expectation or recognition, but makes everyone better for their efforts.

Please join us in congratulating Janelle Shank, Bruce Barnett, Alfred Opoku, and Ken Schuenemeyer for being selected as a 2023 ATCS CEO Award recipient.


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